- Begin by infusing 5 - 7 grams of coarsely chopped  dried flower bud into 1 stick (1/4 pound) of butter. (After 1st batch adjust to desired affect by adding or subtracting amount of bud used in increments of 1-2 grams). 

- In a mini crock pot add butter and bud and simmer for 4 hours stirring occasionally. If a large (4 quart) crock pot is used simmer on low for 6 hours stirring occasionally.

- Let mixture cool until ceramic pot is cool enough to handle.

Mixture will be strained through a cheesecloth into a measuring cup. 

- Use one fold of cheesecloth (5 individual layers).

- Place cheesecloth across opening of measuring cup, cut to length so you have approx. 1 inch of overhang on each side of the opening. 

- Rinse cheesecloth to de-lint then squeeze out excess water, stretch cheesecloth across opening of measuring cup until taught and secure with an elastic. 

- Pour butter and bud mix on top of the cheesecloth and let drip into cup (when dripping slows down place one hand over cheesecloth securing on 4 sides).

- Strip elastic down the measuring cup to release cheesecloth while continuing to secure at the top. 

- Carefully gather the 4 corners of the cheesecloth together to form a sac, squeeze sac over measuring cup until all liquid is removed. 

- Dispose of sac in compost bin. 

You should have approx. 1/2 cup of liquid. This is your substitute for the oil and water called for in the brownie mix directions.

- Combine butter and herb mix with 1 egg and 450g (1 pound) brownie mix. 

- Mix ingredients thoroughly to achieve even distribution (add a tbsp of water at a time if the mix is too stiff).

- With a paper towel absorb liquid remaining in the bottom of measuring cup, lightly grease the bottom of the baking pan. 

- Wipe the inside of measuring cup with your index finger and apply to inside walls of the pan.

- Pour mixture into Pistil Buds Portion Management Brownie Baking Pan with the aid of a spatula. (Tip: grease tip of spatula with any remaining liquid in measuring cup). 

- Spread mix evenly in pan, bake as directed. (Do not overcook as this will result in a crust forming making cutting difficult). 

- A small amount of batter sticking to test toothpick is desirable. Let stand for 15-20 minutes or until cool enough to handle pan with bare hands.

- On a cutting board carefully invert the baking pan allowing baked article to fall out exposing the grid pattern. 

See below for cutting technique recommendations.

Always exercise caution until affects are known. 

- Start with 1/2 to 1-1sq inch brownie. Do not ingest more than 1 brownie within 2 hours until known affect is definitive. 

- Store in freezer, thaw and microwave for about 7 seconds before consumption.

Please enjoy your home bake responsibly, keep away from children and pets at all times.  

What You'll Need:

- Portion Management Pan

- Digital Scale

- Pistil Buds Brownie Cutter

- 450g (1 lb) brownie mix

- 5-7g of coarsely chopped bud

- Butter 1/4 lb

- 1 egg

Brownie cutting technique

Step 1


For best results use the Pistil Buds Brownie Cutter. Always ensure cutting edge is clean. Use caution, edge is very sharp.

Step 2


Holding the cutter handle at one end, gently score along the entire grid. Apply even pressure to break through the surface, do not cut all the way through.

Step 3


Align the cutter in the centre, beginning from side to side. Using both handles, gently push down rocking the cutting edge from end to end until cut is complete. Cut all lines side to side this way while carefully keeping the cutting edge free of batter residue as you go.

Step 4


Turn lengthwise, re-form alignment of the grid. Repeat.

Final Product


This technique is recommended to achieve consistent 1 square inch cubes while limiting breakage of the baked article. It may take a few attempts to perfect this technique. 



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